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It is a pleasure to introduce ourselves to you and your esteemed organization. We would like to take a bit of your time to provide to you an introduction of our Company, the services that we could offer, some refreshing ideas about cost effective personalized corporate gifts and awards and why we want to be your vendor of choice always.

Are we just another premiums and gifts trader? No, we are certainly not. As we take you along this short write-up we will attempt to provide to you reasons why you will find us to be resourceful, dedicated, experienced and effective service provider and supplier to your organization. Sometimes, thinking up something appreciative and meaningful for your staff, business partners and friends is a headache, year after year. How about trying us this time? Hear us out and you will not regret.

What We Can Do

Customizing and personalizing your gifts and ideas in accordance to your requirements and meeting your satisfaction”.

Like we have said, we are not just another premiums and gifts trader. We own the facilities that could do all these. This means that we have the design capability, the production capability for certain gift articles, very high end engraving machines and very experienced staff who could do all these. We also have the speed to perform the jobs given to us.

Custom Made Pewter Articles

We can produce pewter articles like key chains, card holders, photo frames, coasters, tie pins, badges, figurines, medals and plaques. These articles could be made according to your designs. If you already have a digitized design, we could transfer these designs into our CAD program directly. But if these are not available, we could retrace designs, logos, pictorials to turn into digitized designs for production purposes.

If you need articles to be gold-plated, we could also do it. We work with service providers who have very extensive knowledge in this field. We could go one step further to engrave or mark these pewter articles with the names of your recipients or the commemorative text that you want. This would really make the difference to the articles and also for the recipients. Of course, it is going to be high class laser engraving.

For bigger pewter items which we may not make, do not despair. We also work with other suppliers and manufacturers who could supply the items that you want.

Very High Class Engraving

Our range of equipment includes two high end laser engraving and marking machines. Gone are the days when engraving has to be done by hand with a diamond tipped engraving bit that cut and scratch the surface. In laser technology, the marking is done as the laser burning makes a permanent marking on the surface of the article. We are sure you will understand that manual marking will result in inconsistent effects and mistakes. These laser engraving and marking machines are computerized. Digitized designs are

transferred and used to run the engraving process cycle. The effects are high class engraving and marking work which could even pick up almost all minor details in a design to be replicated. This is really computer technology at work! Perhaps you could recall seeing a logo on an article which did not look like the original because something was missing. This does not happen on our products.

The laser machines are also very versatile and could work on most metal surfaces, acrylic, plastics, glass, wood, cork, leather and most materials that do not burn easily. We have samples of such jobs which we can show you. If not, we could work on similar samples for your evaluation before your decision.

You could purchase these articles yourselves or if you prefer, we could also source these gifts and premiums on your behalf. Remember, it is your satisfaction, we guarantee.

Awards and Commemorative Articles

Have you ever found yourselves running out of ideas about your organization’s excellence award programs, achievement awards, best employee awards, best department awards and commemorative gifts? Or maybe it was an employee long service award and most of the money has been spent on the nice gold watch with not much left as an item to commemorate the occasion. We have worked with such situations before and could be your solution provider.

We have done award and commemorative articles customized and personalized down to the replication of the signatures of the Chairman or Chief Executive Officer. These articles could be done with a combination of various materials like pewter, acrylic, glass and even wood. These articles would make the award giving event very memorable because of visibility in size and also as proud display articles for the recipients. We have enough samples to show you what we have done for big corporations like PETRONAS and other organizations.

What Else Could We Do

Are you thinking of an in-house corporate training event? We could also be your solution provider. We could help you produce all your training materials, bind them or put in folders, supply the gifts (e.g. key chains), stress ball, larnyards, banners, tags, appreciation momentos for speakers and distinguished guests, printing certificates and also excellence awards. Our Marketing Representative would be more than willing to work out the complete package with you with an equally keen thought on your budget.

We also work with premiums suppliers and have extensive co-operation with them. If you are looking for any specific articles which you would require for your trade promotion, marketing event or whatever occasion, you could rely on our extensive library of articles and contacts. Besides engraving, we could also have the articles printed with coloured text, logos or pictorials.

What We Have Done

We have attached together with this letter of introduction a list of the jobs that we have done. At times, for reason of confidentiality, we are not able to disclose or show the articles but our Marketing Representatives would be more than happy to meet up with you to discuss your requirements. We always work together with our clients to achieve the most effective and impactful solution and within your budget.

IXORA Pewter & Gifts – Your Solution Provider

IXORA Pewter & Gifts may be a young company, but as you could notice we want to be different and not just another gifts and premium trader. We have the production facilities to make pewter items which are supported by up to date design software and hardware. We have dedicated experts to work with you and your organization and we promise you the speed which we will complete the jobs. Together with these, we have also invested in high end computerized laser engraving machines which produce high quality engraving work.

Our invitation to you and your esteemed organization: Try us and we assure you that you will not be disappointed. You have our commitment to provide to you our best services and products.

We thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves, our products and our services to you and your esteemed company.



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